Christopher Walken and The Raven

Title: Quoth The Walken
Medium: Gouache on wood
Size: 12′ x 12″
As a young girl I used to read a collected stories, Edgar Allen Poe book that my parents had lying around the house. It was full of beautiful black and white engravings which I stared at for hours. However, it did not have The Raven included in it. The first time I heard the poem The Raven it was in the movie “The Dead Zone”, based on the book by Stephen King. The main character (which Christopher Walken played),  was reciting it and the subject matter of a lost love was a strong theme in the plot.  Ever since then, I always think of Walken when I hear the poem or someone mentions it. He is also one of my favorite actors, with a really great face – so it was a pleasure to paint.


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