For David, With Love From Andy

Hang Him On My Wall by Patrushka

Andy Warhol and David Bowie

This painting inspired by the art of Andy Warhol and David Bowie’s song about him. (lyrics below) Reportedly, David was super inspired by Andy’s art and I like to think that if Andy were alive he would have painted something along these lines for David. This is a large piece done in Warhol’s stencil portrait style.

In his 2003 interview with Performing Songwriter magazine, Bowie explained that he had not met Warhol when he wrote this song and he got an interesting reaction when he played it for him. Said Bowie: “I took the song to The Factory when I first came to America and played it to him, and he hated it. Loathed it. He went [imitates Warhol’s blasé manner] ‘Oh, uh-huh, okay…’ then just walked away (laughs). I was left there. Somebody came over and said, ‘Gee, Andy hated it.’ I said, ‘Sorry, it was meant to be a compliment.’ ‘Yeah, but you said things about him looking weird. Don’t you know that Andy has such a thing about how he looks? He’s got a skin disease and he really thinks that people kind of see that.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ It didn’t go down very well, but I got to know him after that. It was my shoes that got him. That’s where we found something to talk about. They were these little yellow things with a strap across them, like girls’ shoes. He absolutely adored them. Then I found out that he used to do a lot of shoe designing when he was younger. He had a bit of a shoe fetishism. That kind of broke the ice. He was an odd guy.”

Andy Warhol

Like to take a cement fix
Be a standing cinema
Dress my friends up
just for show
See them as they really are
Put a peephole in my brain
Two New Pence to have a go
I’d like to be a gallery
Put you all inside my show

Andy Warhol looks a scream
Hang him on my wall
Andy Warhol, Silver Screen
Can’t tell them apart at all

Andy walking, Andy tired
Andy take a little snooze
Tie him up when he’s fast asleep
Send him on a pleasant cruise
When he wakes up on the sea
Be sure to think of me and you
He’ll think about paint
and he’ll think about glue
What a jolly boring thing to do

Title: “Hang Him On My Wall”

Size: 30′ x 40″

Medium: Enamel spray paint and hand cut stencil, on canvas

• • •

EXHIBIT NEWS: This piece, along with my two other Bowie paintings here – ( We Are The Dead and Ghost ) – will be in a David Bowie art exhibit – “Starman, A David Bowie Tribute Show”  which opens on March 19, 2016, at 63 Bluxome St. Gallery in San Francisco. The show will be up until April 30th.

  Most works are for sale and/or exhibition and will be framed (unless otherwise specified), please email me for info.

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