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These Roots I Grew


TheseRootsIGrewForYou by Patrushka 10




 Title:  These Roots I Grew For You

 Inspired by the sacrifices we make for someone we love and the sadness when they are rejected. Also inspired by our environment and the destruction we visit upon Mother Nature.

 Size:  11″ x 14″

  Medium:  Gouache on wood panel, varnished


“I remember what you told me before you went out on your own

“Sometimes to keep it together, we got to leave it alone.”

So you can get on with your search, baby, and I can get on with mine

And maybe someday we will find , that it wasn’t really wasted time”

– The Eagles

TheseRootsIGrewForYou framed web-Patrushka


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Sir Guardian •

Title: Sir Guardian

Native Americans associated the meaning of owl with wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge. Similarly, West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures viewed the owl as a messenger of secrets, kin to sorcerers, as well as companions to seers, mystics and medicine people. During medieval times it was fabled that owls were actually priestesses (witches) and wizards in disguise. My owl is the keeper of his forest from harm.

Medium: Gouache on wood

Size: 10″ x 10″