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A Young Trunk In Marin

Young Trunk by Patrushka 650pix

Tree Art

Every so often we escape to the woods out near Marin, California, which we are lucky enough to live relatively close to. There are awesome huge Redwoods everywhere and mossy growth in the winter and spring. It’s very relaxing to just sit and do small studies and watercolors of nature’s little beauties. The velvet moss on the side of this young seedling caught my eye.

“Oh redwood tree
Please let us under
When we were young we used to go
Under the redwood tree.
And it smells like rain
Maybe even thunder
Won’t you keep us from all harm
Wonderful redwood tree.”

 – Lyrics by Van Morrison –

Title: “Young Trunk” (a study)

Size: 7 x10″

Medium: Watercolor on Arches paper

• • •

  Most works are for sale and/or exhibition and will be framed unless otherwise specified, please email me for info.

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